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What To Do When You Find Yourself In Kansas?

Getting on our path feels right in many respects, but things don’t always happen exactly like we want them to or in the time in which we ideally want them to happen. Nor is our path always easy for us. The Hero of any journey faces obstacles and has to grow and learn in order to achieve the goal of his or her journey.

You can make a lot of progress in a short period of time, figure some things out, trust the universe, let go of things that aren’t serving you, deal with your stuff, heal, have sparks of inspiration, hear the guidance that comes to you in your daily life through events, feelings, and things other people say to you…and yet still be frustrated at times that you have created space and said no to people or situations that no longer serve you and wonder “when is the good stuff that I have made this space for going to come into my life?”

For some people, and in some situations, this transition can happen really quickly. For others, and in other situations, it may take a bit longer. I fully believe that all things happen when they are supposed to, in perfect timing, even if that timing doesn’t always correspond to our wishes, and even if we can’t see the perfection in how it ultimately unfolds.

I heard a Steve Jobs quote recently which was “You can’t connect the dots moving forward. You can only connect the dots looking back.” (Tweet this!) And I think this is very true. You can only see why things happen when and how they do as you look back on what has already unfolded. And although we can plan for how we want for things to go for us in the future, we can’t always control it or see what is for our highest good in advance.

Someone told me earlier this week that she felt like I was on a road trip from NY to LA, and I was currently in Kansas. Just because I am in Kansas right now doesn’t mean my destination isn’t still LA, or that I won’t make it to LA, or that it is bad that I am in Kansas.

I loved this analogy and the beautiful way in which it helped me to reframe my current situation and frustrations with the pace of some elements in my life. It helped me to become more settled into where I am now, and reminded me to enjoy the scenery around me at this moment, trusting I will reach my desired destination in the perfect time. Plus it reminds me to take a pause and truly appreciate how far I have come. The journey from NY to Kansas is significant. I have come a long way!

As you continue to focus on where you are going, it can be easy to lose sight of how far you have come. Sometimes to regain that perspective you need feedback from others and the time and space to reflect, all the while making sure you are gentle, kind, and compassionate toward yourself and your journey.

Where in your life are you in Kansas, wanting to be in LA (or somewhere else?). How can you settle into where you are in this moment, and enjoy the present moment for what it is while still planting the seeds for what you want to create in the future? (Tweet this!)

Where you need to make changes, be courageous and make those changes. This is your life, and you only get one shot at this lifetime, so what are you waiting for? Put yourself on a path to live your dreams now and do the hard work it takes to make it happen. Sit with the things that make you uncomfortable but are forcing you to grow into the person you are meant to be and are preparing you to give your gifts to the world.

And where you know you have already set things in motion to align to what you truly want in your life, trust that you are taking the steps you need to be ready for those changes when the timing is right for you (which can be different from when you want for it to be right for you).

I’d love to hear from you in the comments to this blog. Where in your life do you feel you are in Kansas? How does this analogy help you to reframe your perspective and appreciate where you are on your journey?

Have a great week!


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