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What’s Your Story?

Do you find that sometimes you get into ruts where you find yourself complaining a lot? Nothing is working? Not much is going your way? People aren’t doing what you want? Things aren’t lining up for you?

Today we want to take a look at our stories. We are all always telling our stories over and over and over again – whether those stories are positive or negative stories.

Is your story a story of empowerment and hope or a story of where a situation, person or event continues keeps you down? Do you tell a story of being stuck, of not being able to “get other people to make decisions”, of “having to” do such and such because “it’s your job” or “it’s expected of you” or “others will be disappointed if you choose a different path”?

Today, I invite you to observe your stories. Observe what you share with other people. Become conscious about whether or not your story makes you feel empowered and excited, or whether your story keeps you stuck and in the dumps.

Do you feel better hearing your story or not so great? What about your audience? If you don’t know, you might consider asking for some feedback, if you are open to that.

If you find your story isn’t as uplifting as you would like, challenge yourself to start telling a better story. The great news is that your story is all yours. If you don’t like it, you can start telling a new story immediately! [Tweet this!]

Remember that our perspective shapes our experiences. We all have tough times and we all go through things that are painful and difficult.

Some of us choose to hold onto those painful experiences longer than others, and those that do tend to remain stuck until they are willing to let go of the story that is no longer serving them.

I believe there is a reason why we experience the things we do. We are meant to learn something about ourselves from it – it may be to claim our power, or to love ourselves, or to speak our truth, or to step into our purpose, or to develop empathy and help others navigate similar challenges more easily. And there are many more things that we could likely add to that list.

There is always something to learn if we look for it. And if we don’t look for it and learn the lessons and grow as we are meant to, it is likely that more of the same will show up in our lives until we do learn what we are supposed to learn.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments to this post! What story are you telling? What story would you rather tell?

Have a great week!


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