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What matters most to you?

This week I heard for the first time about the controversy surrounding Brittany Maynard and her choice to end her life in the face of an incurable brain tumor.  What interested me about her story had nothing to do with the controversy, but rather in the face of her eminent death through whichever path, the wisdom that she decided to impart to us was the following:

“Seize the day.  What’s important to you?  What do you care about?  What matters?  Pursue that.  Forget the rest.”

Oprah often says that she believes the purpose of death is to remind the rest of us to live.  To not put things off.  To truly live the lives that we are meant to be living and that we desire to live.

How often do you put off what you truly desire to have in your life because you don’t have enough time?  You don’t have enough money?  You are too stressed out?  You can’t take a minute and breathe and really reflect on what matters most to you, much less take the steps to actually spend your time and energy on those things?

I’m inviting you now to take a few minutes to reflect.  Write down what matters most to you in this world, and what you really want from your life.  Then estimate how much of your time each week is spent on each of those pursuits.  If the time spent on each item doesn’t match its importance to you, what actionable steps can you take each day this week to shift your focus and priorities?  How can you better align your time and life priorities, and not just focus on the short-term?  What are you waiting on to happen in the future to begin to pursue the life you want to live?  The life that you are meant to live?  And what do you gain by putting it off and not stepping out of your comfort zone to make it happen now?

Give yourself this gift of clarity and perspective without the life-altering diagnosis.  Love yourself enough to believe in yourself and put your dreams at the top of your priority list.  You are worth it!  And it is why you are here on this earth – to share the gifts that you alone have to give.

I commit to step out of my comfort zone and ramp up my marketing activities.  I commit to being present to learn every single lesson my new puppy has come into my life to teach me, and to using the mirror she holds up for me to become the best version of myself possible.  I commit to finding even more ways to have fun and play throughout each week.

In the comments below, share one way in which you are going to commit to yourself to shift your priorities and begin to focus today on something important you have put off for too long.

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One Response to What matters most to you?

  1. Kay Fisher November 8, 2014 at 4:59 am #

    Great read! Over the past month I have committed to time blocking quiet reflection time and it has made a big difference in my productivity and happiness:)