What Choices Do You Make Every Day?

Throughout my journey these last few years, I have had a number of pivotal moments, one of which I will share with you today.

For several years I had been looking for ways to add value to my last company and carve out a viable job for myself in my hometown without having to change companies.

What I really wanted most in my life was to create a life that felt much more balanced. I wanted to get married and start a family, and I knew I couldn’t do that if I was traveling 4 days every week to solve problems for clients who lived anywhere but here.

And throughout all of that time, I felt like I didn’t have a choice but to travel, because it was my job, and everywhere but here was where the projects were.

And then my dog, Savannah, whom I loved more than just about any other being on this planet, got sick at the same time I was staffed on my last project out in Denver – most of the way across the country from where I live.

In an instant, my priorities became super clear. I needed to choose myself and my life over my job, my company and my client all the way across the country. And I needed to be home and present in Savannah’s last few months more than I needed to be in Denver. It was such a tough, but important lesson.

We make decisions every day, and we do have a choice. I realized that although I HATED getting on that plane every single Monday morning for well over a year, that it was a choice I was making every single time (even though I had convinced myself otherwise). And once that realization came into focus for me, it was super easy for me to make a different choice.

What in your life isn’t working for you any longer?

What causes you the greatest amounts of stress?

What in your life feels like it is something you do that isn’t in alignment any longer with who you are and what you want in your life?

What choices are you making every single day that keep you stuck, in constant stress, or feeling boxed in? (Today’s Tweetable!)

What stories do you tell yourself about “why you can’t do things differently”? Or all the people you will let down if you take a risk to live the life you most desire or to work in a way that truly works for you?

What external forces are you waiting to change before you choose a better path for yourself, and what are you giving up in the process?

This is your only shot at this lifetime. You are meant to give your unique gifts to the world and make a difference in the lives of others.

If you are out of alignment with who you are and the life you most want to live, or if you have lost your ability to find or experience joy on a consistent basis (and like me had replaced joy with incredible amounts of stress that rarely dissipated), then you owe it to yourself to really think about the choices you are making every day.

It could be one or more small shifts you need to make, or it could be a large shift that is required. The risk and the “not knowing what’s next” or “how others will react” is scary, but getting into greater alignment with who you are feels GREAT and super empowering! And it is one of the most loving things you can do for yourself.

If you want to go deeper in exploring what is next for you, join me for my next Design Your Next Chapter workshop in Atlanta.

Now it’s your turn – leave a comment below the post here and tell me how this resonates with you! What came up when you read this post? Where in your life do you most need to make a different choice?

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2 Responses to What Choices Do You Make Every Day?

  1. Edwin Boland June 19, 2015 at 7:59 am #

    A provacative analysis Hannah – does our work define us, or do we define (very intentionally) our work to edify our life goals and direction. Difficult lessons to learn the hard way, but I’m glad I’m learning them! I wish I’d clued in to this 20 years ago (although I would not change my experiences or the colleagues with whom I’ve worked for anything – the difference in approach, however, would have yielded a much richer experience for me!)

    Your clients are lucky to have one in you who has this so well “put together!”

    • Hannah Coker June 19, 2015 at 8:24 am #

      Thanks Edwin for your comment! It is easy to think about “what could have been” had we figured these things out sooner. However, as you so eloquently stated, it is all of our experiences that make us who we are today and teach us the lessons we need to learn. So we wouldn’t be where we are now, had we not taken all the time that we did to experience everything we have experienced up to this point. There is purpose in all of it.

      We are all exactly where we are meant to be right now (and in each moment), AND we have choices in how we co-create what comes next for us! We can create more of the same, or we can create the life of our dreams. It is really up to us! :o)