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Learning to Surrender and Shift Paradigms

Part of running a successful business that fits into your life holistically is getting your mind and body running optimally. Last week I started two pretty big undertakings – I started the Whole 30 clean-eating, elimination diet, and I started boot camp.

I didn’t intend to start both on the same day, but that is how things came together for me last week. Today I am on day 10 of the Whole 30, and Day 5 of the Bootcamp (it “only” runs 3 days a week).

And what has been fascinating to me is my emotional process with it.

I have been reading Michael Singer’s books over the past couple of weeks. I started with The Surrender Experiment and am now almost done with The Untethered Soul. Highly recommend both!

In the first of these books he tells his life story and how he surrendered to the flow of life in various situations instead of exerting his will or preferences onto them and the amazing things that have happened as a result that far exceeded his expectations. It was super inspirational to me.

The second is more of the “how to” guide for living the surrender experiment and the premise is that we live our lives in little boxes constructed to keep us “safe” and “happy” as defined by our minds and our emotions. And our minds and emotions keep us living a very small life unless we can relax into whatever is happening around us, and feel the feelings that come up without attaching to them or the outcomes of what we are experiencing.

We are not our minds or our emotions, but a much more expansive presence (sometimes referred to as the soul or spirit) that is limited by attaching to the chatter in our minds and our emotions. He also talks a lot about how we spend so much of our time and energy trying to control everything around us to set up the specific set of circumstances that we think will make us feel happy…that we are not actually happy often enough.

By relaxing whenever we feel tense and letting go of what is causing us discomfort or stress (which is not the same as stuffing it down or covering it up with something else to not feel it or pretending like it doesn’t exist), we allow the chatter, the emotions and the attachment to pass so we don’t hold onto it. This allows us to live in the moment and surrender (if we choose) to the opportunities that come our way, doing the best we can to serve others in whatever capacity we are called to do so.

For some reason these two books have really resonated with me at this point in my life and in my journey. And I don’t think it is an accident that I have been reading these books right before I have started to take complete responsibility for my health and fitness, in addition to some other things I have started working on with more gusto.

The other thing I have exposed myself to lately that is interesting and plays into my experiences over the past two weeks is a sales training course. And in the first session they talk about paradigms.

Paradigms are belief systems that are either conscious or sub-conscious. And when we try to change them our minds throw up all kinds of resistance. Resistance can come in the form of procrastination, or getting sick, or negative self-talk, or a variety of other things that can sabotage your efforts to make the changes you really want to make, many of which feel “outside of our control” but aren’t really.

So back to my journey this week…I have witnessed myself getting overwhelmed, and angry at times, and irritated, and feelings of “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t do this” coming up. In a way it is good because I am feeling these things and having these thoughts now and again, and I recognize that as I have continued to move forward one day and one activity or appointment at a time. I am doing my best not to attach to any of those thoughts or feelings and to let them go and pass through me. I am also listening to my body and resting when I need to and moving when I need to and engaging in other acts of extreme self care through this process.

And I am doing it! I am not letting my resistance from my deep-seated paradigms stop me or sabotage me from fueling my body with the healthiest, non-inflammatory foods possible. And even though boot camp has been challenging, I have stuck with it (although a little loving support from my coach didn’t hurt when I hit a wall on day 3!). I showed up each of the three mornings last week and two this week and I made it through. I may have at times felt like a failure because I couldn’t “do it all”, but I went and I worked out and I did the best I could. And I feel proud of the fact that I completed 5 days of boot camp!

That is all we can we can ask of ourselves in any and all areas of our lives – to do the best we can in each moment that we have.

Now it’s your turn – come on over to the comments under this blog and let me know where are you showing up and doing the best you can in your life? Where do you relax into life and let things go without stress or attachment? What results have you achieved by doing so?

Have a great week!


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