Do You Feel There is More You Are Meant to be Doing?

I didn’t always know what I was meant to do. I spent most of my childhood being interested in a number of things. I felt like every time an adult asked me “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I either had a different answer than the time before or I just didn’t have any idea.

I always felt like it would become clear to me at some point, but I wasn’t one of those people who figured it out early in life and pursued my path strategically or with purpose toward an ultimate objective.

As a younger kid I remember wanting to be a teacher for a while and a vet for a while. I always imagined I would be a Mom. When I was in highschool I loved art and dance but was steered away from both of those pursuits as a profession because “I didn’t have the right body to be a dancer”, and “you can’t make a living at art”.

I had no idea what to study in college because I had no idea what I wanted to do and the things that were the most appealing to me I was told I shouldn’t pursue. So, I was given the guidance to “study business because you can do anything in business.” So, when architecture school didn’t pan out, international business and a summer studying in Spain, followed by a summer studying in Mexico seemed like a great (and fun) choice.

I knew from an early age that graduate school was the expected acceptable path after college, as I was told that was what would happen often growing up. So, upon graduating from college and feeling like I wasn’t qualified yet for any kind of “real job”, I headed off to get my MBA in International Management from Thunderbird. It was the logical next step as it had been clearly laid out for me for pretty much my entire life.

Then I got my first of many corporate jobs, and my career in the corporate world was in motion. I did well and had some really great experiences and got to travel to some fun and interesting places.  But I got bored easily, and in a relatively short time in each job I would get restless, ready for something new to learn or the next project to tackle. In many ways consulting was a great fit for me, as I would find out, because it was project based and you never stayed on any single project for too terribly long, and then you were off on the next project in the next city with new things to learn.

But the corporate world always left me searching for something more meaningful. I knew that my purpose in life was not to help big companies that make a lot of money make more money. I knew that there is often something very shallow about the mission (or at least the execution) of most corporations that didn’t quite sit right with me.

I knew that for as much of myself and the effort that I put into my work in these corporations, there was something very crucial to my happiness and satisfaction that was missing for me.

At one point I did a stint in a large non-profit, thinking that would feel more “meaningful”, but boy was I wrong! It was not much different in terms of its values and focus than the corporations I had worked for, and the environment was every bit as hostile and uncollaborative as the most hostile of the companies I had worked for. So, that wasn’t the answer for me either.

It wasn’t until I left the corporate world and gave myself time and space that I began to recognize who I was at my core (without everyone else’s expectations put on me), that I began to decompress and figure out what really matters to me, that I began to see how all of my experiences led me to a place where I could really help people with my unique set of experiences, skills, and natural abilities.

If you have also had a yearning that there is something more you are meant to be doing, and you haven’t quite found it yet, I am happy to announce a workshop I have created called Design Your Next Chapter.

This workshop packages the very best of the tools and techniques I have exposed myself to over the past two or three years that have helped me along my journey to get to where I am.

To a place where I finally know why I am here on this earth and how all of my experiences thus far have positioned me to do the work I know I’m meant to do.

And I am super excited to share these things with anyone and everyone out there who:

  • Knows there is something more they are meant to do
  • Is ready to choose themselves and figure out what their passions and purpose are
  • Is ready to figure out how to make a living doing what really lights them up
  • And is ready to figure out how to make the contributions they are meant to make during this lifetime.

You can live the life you dream of and find the work you are meant to do! Come to this workshop and find out how! (Tweet this!)

If you can’t make the first two sessions on the calendar, sign up for the list at the bottom of the page and I’ll be sure to let you know about future sessions or ways to plug in!

I hope to see you there! If you know of someone that you think this would resonate with, please forward this to them. Also, tweet about it!

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