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How to Have More Fun in Your Business (and Life!) – Tip #5

Tip #5: Implement Structures of Support

If you have been following along these past few weeks, and have done the work I have recommended, you have accomplished quite a bit.

You are clear on what you want your business and life to look like a year from now. (Tip #1)

You have done work to identify how you spend your time today and how you would love to spend your time, as well as what you can stop doing and what you can outsource. (Tip #2)

You have identified ways you can lighten up and have more fun in both your business and in your life on a daily basis. (Tip #3)

And you have taken a deep dive into your paradigms (or belief systems) around money. You have determined how profitable your current products and services are as well as where you might need to reduce expenses, and you have brainstormed additional higher-end offerings that will help you increase your profitability, as well as those products or services that you need to stop selling. (Tip #4)

Great work!!! Well done!!!

Now we turn our attention to ways in which you can implement structures of support to help you achieve your dreams, make the difference you are meant to make in the world, spend you time doing things that make you joyful and light, have fun, and make the money that you desire to make.

There are systems (a combination of processes, technology and people) that you can put in place to support you in accomplishing what you are trying to accomplish more efficiently. The beauty of this is that by creating systems, you can hire others to help you run those systems, freeing you up to spend your time doing the things that you most enjoy doing.

Step #1: Evaluate your current Structures of Support

Identify the structures of support (processes, technology and people) that you have employed in your business (and life) that already work well, and those that could work much better.

Acknowledge those that work well, and then turn your attention to those that need to be built or improved. Make a list of the structures of support that need your attention, and prioritize them. You may find you can’t tackle everything at once, so start with the most important one and work your way through your list in a reasonable amount of time.

What systems of support do you need to put in place to truly share your gifts with the world? (Tweet this!)

Do you need more people to help you? Or to identify and implement technology? Or to get really clear on repeatable, consistent processes? Or some combination of the above?

Step #2: The Human Element

What additional human resources do you need? What resources would make you feel like you are more supported in your business and in your life? I do not believe that as women we must do it all by ourselves. Where do you need to give yourself permission to ask for and accept help?

Pull out the list you made earlier of the activities you would like to outsource. This will provide a good starting point.

Identify which activities require you to define the process and details so that you can then hire someone and teach them how you like things done.

Also identify which activities you want to outsource and all you care about is the end product being at a certain quality and “how” they get there isn’t important to you. In this case you can depend on the person you select to help you to determine the process.

Then it is a matter of selecting those individuals you want to work with to help you get this work done, teaching them what they need to know about your needs and desired end results, and letting them do their thing.

Step #3: Identify where technology can help you

Where do you feel that implementing technology can help you run your business (and life) more efficiently?

First identify what you’d like to automate. Then either research potential systems to see what might be a great fit for you or find a technology partner to help you.

This is another area to seek out and ask for help if you are someone who can get really stuck trying to wade through technology options on your own. Find someone who can recommend solutions and teach you how to use them.

Step #4: Process Design

For all of the major systems that support your business (and maybe even some that support your life), spending some time designing the processes that you employ can be extremely helpful. Start with those that impact the customer experience (since you want and need happy customers), and follow that up with those that help you run the “back-office” of your business.

This activity helps you get clear on the steps required for each major activity you engage in so that you don’t have to re-invent the wheel each time (which takes more time to do than using a repeatable, standard process). This will free you up to spend your time on the most value-added (and fun) activities possible.

It can also help you communicate with and manage resources that you outsource these tasks to, as well as to facilitate a smoother transition between resources doing the work for you.

This work is not always fun for business owners, but if you can invest some time in it and get it right, it really frees you up to spend your time doing more of the things you love. And you’ll have the peace of mind that the business is running well and your customers are being served consistently every time!

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below this blog! What systems do you have in place that make you feel supported? Which systems do you need to put in place to help you work more efficiently and free up your time to do other things?

Have a great week!


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