What would your life be like if you were engaged in your life’s work?

Have you ever stopped to imagine what your life would be like if you were engaged in your life’s work? How would you feel? How would you spend your days? Whom you would spend your time with? Whom you would serve?

What would you be able to let go of in your current life that causes you stress, drains you, and leaves you depleted?

Have you spent years or decades trying to figure out why you are here on this earth and what you are meant to do? Or what the sum total of all of your experiences up to this point have been preparing you for?

Have you had success in your career by all outward measures (title, promotions, good income), but feel unfulfilled and restless inside? Or worse yet, like a fraud sometimes?

Do you ever feel that you have given up on any or all of the hopes and dreams you had when you were younger and thought anything was possible and your life would be an amazing journey? But still long to do some of those things?

Do you ever long to live a life that is more fulfilling, to pursue your passions and purpose, and to truly make the difference you are here on this earth to make?

Here are  the Top 7 things I have learned through my own journey to create the life of you dreams and to fulfill your purpose / life’s work:

  • It is never too late to pursue your dreams!!! You are exactly where you are meant to be and all of your experiences to this point have been preparing you for your life’s work.
  • Feeling restless, bored, unfulfilled, and even angry or resentful in your current situation is your soul’s way of letting you know that there is more you are meant to be doing. That it is time to grow and move closer to your purpose and unlock your unique genius.
  • Get out of your head and into your heart. Get still and centered so you can hear your own intuition more regularly.
  • Let go of everyone else’s expectations of you so that you can create your own expectations for yourself and the life YOU really want to be living. This is YOUR life, and only YOU get to decide what to do with it.  No one else’s opinions matter.
  • Pay attention to the things that bring you joy and light you up, and engage in those things purposefully more often.
  • Take some time to identify your unique gifts and life experiences – they will be the keys that will help you unlock your purpose and passions
    Figure out how you can take your unique gifts and experiences and use them to serve others

If this resonates with you and you want to go deeper into this topic, I invite you to join me on July 11th from 10am – 2pm for a workshop in Atlanta, GA created specifically to help you Design Your Next Chapter.

The workshop has been designed to be a really fun experience that will also help you to gain clarity about your purpose, passions, and create a game plan for living the life that you most desire to live, including creating the meaningful work you are meant to be engaged in.

Please reach out with any questions here, or reply to this email. I will answer them all personally.

There is a $20 Early Bird discount for anyone who signs up by July 2nd.

Sign up now – space is limited and this event will sell out!

I look forward to seeing you there and sharing everything I know on this topic. And if you know others that this would resonate with, please share this with them!

I hope you have a great week!


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