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You Don’t Want to Miss This Experience!

As you may have heard, starting June 1 I am running a 30 Day Positivity Challenge! That is only 4 days away!!! If you haven’t signed up yet – do it now!

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I am so passionate about this program! And it’s FREE! And I want for you and everyone you know to sign up and take advantage of it!

What do you have to lose, other than your sometimes automatic negative responses to life’s events?

I have transformed my life over these last two years from one of constant stress and busyness, to one of much more peace and centeredness and connection with my truth and my purpose. And I don’t think I could ever go back!

Life is a gift and each and every one of us is here for a reason. We are meant to give our gifts to the world to improve it in some way. But so many of us, myself included for so long, live our lives from a place of external validation and achievement.

We are so busy and focused on what is “out there” that we don’t often enough check in with our own internal intuition and guidance systems. We don’t always see the great things happening around us. We focus on the problems and what is difficult and challenging, and we let other people dictate our experiences.

We live a lot of our lives on automatic pilot, and our reactions to every day life events – both the big ones and the small ones – become automatic too.

Sometimes they are positive, especially when things are going well in our lives, when we are filled with joy and love, when we feel appreciated, when we are in the zone, when we are connected to ourselves and our integrity.

But all too often those automatic responses can become negative, when we are stressed, when we struggle, when we are frustrated, when we are out of alignment with who we are and why we are here, when we are operating from a place of fear, when we encounter difficult people.

Which of these two scenarios are you operating from right now? Which would you prefer to operate from more consciously and habitually?

The goal of the 30 Day Positivity Challenge is to reframe our sometimes automatic negative responses to life’s events, and to become more conscious of our reactions and our experience in life.

It is designed to help us access the positive side of life more habitually, and connect more consistently with who we really are, not just who we project ourselves to be.

So much of our experience in life is what we make of it, so why not make the experience of life as positive as possible?

Join me!   And invite your friends!

Share this tweetable! Join me for the 30 Day Positivity Challenge to focus more on what is already right with you and the world around you!

Share this tweetable! You Don’t Want To Miss This Experience!

I’d also love to hear from you!  Write in the comments below or send me an email to let me know what you want to get out of the 30 Day Positivity Challenge!

Have a great week!

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